Bipartisan Bill Accidently Passes Both House & Senate

President Obama addressing Congress at the Capital Building

WASHINGTON – A Bipartisan committee was setup yet again to finally address immigration reform.  It was clear from the start that this bill President Obama has been seeking for years had no chance of passing both the House and Senate but was merely going to be used as propaganda.

It has been nearly eight years since anything has passed both the House & Senate and with this most recent bill many feel there was a big miscommunication on the predetermined voting.    It was assumed by many the bill would pass the House in order to show good faith, but the Senate voting sent shock waves through congress.

Republican Speaker of the House, Senator Grid Locke said, “I don’t know what happened, and this truly is a sad day in American history.” Democratic leader, Avery Tingfree said, “Although the bill had most of what we were hoping for, we’re not comfortable accepting a bill with majority Republican support.”

It has been 5 days without any acknowledgment from Obama and many people wonder if he even checks the bill mailbox any more.