“The Walking Dead” Creators Premiere Fitness Themed Spinoff Called “The Jogging Dead”

Two cross country runners running along a trail being attacked by two zombies.

NEW YORK – AMC Networks just announced the latest series in “The Walking Dead” family, only this one comes with an unexpected twist: it’s a fitness show. “The Jogging Dead” (TJD) will be like “The Walking Dead” meets “The Biggest Loser.”

TJD is a reality fitness competition show with objective of becoming zombie thin. Contestants will train on an American Ninja Warrior style obstacle course with zombies chasing them the whole way. Food will be prepared to look like bloody brains, so as to help deter the contestants from eating. During the finale, the winner will be selected not just by how much weight they’ve lost, but by how much they look and maneuver like a zombie. The winner will be cast as an extra on next season’s “Fear The Walking Dead.”

“The Walking Dead” superfan, Dr Oz, will be hosting the new fitness series. Producer Robert Kirkman said “He’s so perfect for the job. His sunk-in cheekbones and dark under-eye circles make it look like he’s already turning (into a zombie).”

After each episode, Chris Hardwick will host The Talking Dead. Guests will include eliminated contestants, fans and fitness experts. Dr Oz will be the first guest on The Talking Dead. Hardwick said, “I’m so excited to pick his brain.”