Waitress 97% Certain you Don’t Actually Have a Gluten Allergy

waitress holding two plates of food

TOLEDO- At the Tasty Vittles Diner right off the I-475, veteran waitress Sharron Morris can accurately guess your level of gluten intolerance within 3% accuracy, and physicians are baffled.

Morris allowed local doctors to observe her shifts to determine the cause of her strange ability. Two offenders claiming allergies were seated in Morris’ section, and she diagnosed each of them with pin-point accuracy. Morris stated, “The woman at table 23 in the thrift store clothes and the glasses without lenses? She doesn’t have an allergy. She doesn’t even know what gluten is.” The diner appeared to comb the menu, asking about the gluten content in several items but the sure give-a-ways for Morris were when she asked about the broccoli and the ice tea.

Meanwhile, across the restaurant, another restaurant patron demanded to see the manager with a complaint about the menu. “You should offer a separate menu for just the gluten-intolerant. I’m very sensitive and I don’t want to wind up in the hospital.” Morris observed her complaints and could tell right away that she was likely feeling the guilt from having a donut that morning.

The doctors tested both patrons, and found that Morris was correct on both accounts. It wasn’t long after, that these same doctors started prescribing their patients to the Tasty Vittles Diner for faster and more accurate results.