U.S. Military Makes Large Purchase of Exploding Samsung Galaxy Phones

Troops in the field with an explosion in the background.

WASHINGTON D.C. – Samsung has been under fire for their latest smartphones catching fire, but now they have a chance to fire back with help from the U.S. Military.

After Samsung recalled their Galaxy 7 Note, the U.S. government made an unusual move. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission declared an official recall, and stepped in to confiscate all returned phones out of safety concerns. These phones were then sent to the U.S. Department of Defense, which has now made this announcement: They have recognized the potential of the Galaxy 7 Note as a weapon. Not only could the phone be a threat in wrong hands, it could be a new weapon for the United States.

It began when Special Operations Weapons Sergeant David McConnell was about to return his own Galaxy 7 Note.

“We had been working on developing smaller explosive devices,” McConnell said, “so I offered to put my phone through some tests to see what it could do.” The tests proved successful, with the battery catching fire, and obliterating anything within a small radius. The Defense Department is planning on using the phones for their new classified project, known as “Project BAM! SUNG.” The U.S. Military will be receiving 2.5 million Samsung Galaxy 7 Notes from across the world, the cost and return policy of which has not been disclosed. Altogether, these phones are estimated to have enough firepower to destroy an entire country.