Trump’s Conclusion Is Collusion a Delusion, Causing Confusion

President Trump looking confused.

WASHINGTON D.C. – Citing disillusion, and claiming the Special Council’s prosecution is persecution, president Trump’s conclusion is that alleged Russia-Trump Collusion is a delusion. However, this has caused confusion, as the conclusion of intelligence institutions is that there’s a profusion of evidence of Russia and the Trump campaign’s fusion.

Russia’s protrusion into America’s democratic revolution is seen by many as an intrusion, if not pollution. However, in his seclusion, Trump’s solution was the execution of the FBI director’s, James Comey’s job, which did not lead to the FBI’s dilution, or deter the agency’s resolution.

Robert Mueller, Comey’s substitution, while not seeking retribution, intends to investigate violations to the constitution. The investigation’s evolution spans Russian spy inclusions to allusions of pee tapes and hotel prostitution.

“Collusion Smushion!” said Trump on Twitter, like his innocence was a foregone conclusion. “I’ve been peruisin’ the media’s musins’ of accusins’, and all this fake news has got me snoozin.’ If you think I’ll admit to collusion, you’re cruisin’ for a bruisin’!”

Though Trump would have preferred the Special Council’s preclusion, the president still believes he will be granted absolution and restitution. However, since Trump’s government transfusion, there has been a counterrevolution which, to Trump’s chagrin, is not an illusion. Experts predict the Trump’s elusion of prosecution, and his presidency’s contusion to the constitution, will soon come to its conclusion.