Trump Vows to Bring Back VCR Manufacturing Jobs

Trump holding up chart showing VCR and Pie chart

PARKERSBURG – Trump is fast forwarding on his promise to bring back jobs, with the proposal of a new Magnavox VCR manufacturing facility in Parkersburg, West Virginia.

“We’re going to take our VCR jobs back from China,” Trump said. “The state of West Virginia will once again have a rich VCR industry.”

This is good news for former VCR assembly worker Carl B. Kindrewind. “I used to make a good living at Magnavox in the 1980’s,” Carl said, “but when the plant closed I was out of work. I’m glad the president is going to restore that way of life for us.”

Trump said that jobs in 8mm camcorder production and audio cassettes would soon follow, all in state-of-the-art factories.

In addition to bringing back such commonly used products, Trump is also keeping pace with the latest in digital technology. “I know, some of you may have heard about the new digital age, how everything’s digital,” Trump said, “so that’s why, along with VCR’s, I’m going to bring back laser disc manufacturing. This is lasers folks – it’s like something straight out of the future, believe me.”