Trump Sues SNL for Share of Profits From Increased Ratings

trump snl ratings

LIVE FROM NEW YORK – Late-night sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live has seen a resurgence in ratings under the new White House administration. Now President Donald Trump, open critic of the show and faithful viewer, is also looking to cash in on its recent success.

Earlier this morning Trump’s lawyers delivered a lawsuit to executives at NBC calling for a share of the profits that, as the president claims, have been made off the steady stream of material he’s providing them.

“The numbers don’t lie,” said Trump legal representative Susan Hides. “The president works hard to deliver such a high caliber brand of comedy, and the network is clearly profiting from it.”

These claims are hard to deny as the show is seeing its highest ratings in over 20 years. Lorne Michaels, the show’s creator and producer, didn’t exactly shy away from this fact in a recent statement. When asked of Trump’s contribution to the show’s success he declared, “He may have a tiny hand in it.”

Trump himself took it a step further in a series of tweets this afternoon. “Before the show was bad. Real bad. Unwatchable. But now they’ve got millions of ratings,” the President said. “I’m making Saturday Night great again, something Obummer was never able to do.”