Trump to the PRC: If There’s Only one China, why do all my Ties say Made in Taiwan?

Donald Trump

WASHINGTON D.C. – Donald Trump’s war of words with the Chinese government continues to intensify as the President has signaled an openness to shift US policy away from the “One China” rule. The Chinese government recently became angry with Trump after he bucked diplomatic norms and accepted a congratulatory call from the President of Taiwan shortly after winning the presidency. The People’s Republic of China does not recognize Taiwan as a separate state, and China’s foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang reiterated that the “One China” principle is “the political foundation of China-US relations.”

Trump’s response? A tweet, saying, “If there’s only one China, why do all of my ties say Made in Taiwan?”

This reply infuriated government officials inside Beijing, according to sources close to the government. Shortly after Trump issued this tweet, Geng Shuang put out a press release saying, “As head of his business, Mr. Trump is free to outsource as many jobs as he wants in order to save money for himself and screw the American people. But as acting head of the US Government, he’s going to have to play by the rules and follow international decorum.”

Trump tweeted his response: “I’ll talk to as many Chinas as I like, thank you very much. PS, your wall isn’t that great either.”

According to top officials, upon receiving word of Trump’s tweet, high level Chinese government officials appeared on the verge of tears, but put a brave face on the abuse and agreed to just ignore the bully. The PRC has since closed all communication lines between China and the US, saying, “If the heads of State can’t say something nice, well, then they shouldn’t say anything at all.”