Trump Orders Removal of Obama’s White House Portrait – Claims Eyes are Watching him


WASHINGTON DC – President Trump has taken decisive security measures against a potentially threatening portrait of Barack Obama by having it removed from the White House. This action comes days after Trump made unsubstantiated allegations against Barack Obama for wiretapping Trump Tower during his presidential campaign.

“It’s the eyes on that picture,” Trump said at a press conference. “They follow me and recording everything I’m doing!” The portrait was immediately taken to FBI headquarters for inspection, and so far no surveillance equipment has been found. When asked why Trump was so worried over the Obama portrait, Kellyanne Conway said “He’s got his reasons. The portrait massacre of ‘08 is reason enough.

Team Obama has refuted all wiretapping claims, adding that “Mr. Trump has become paranoid and delusional.” President Trump may decide to take further action against such attacks. “Next, I might have that Hillary portrait removed,” Trump said. “ The grin on her face just won’t go away.”