Trump Dismisses Arizona’s Heatwave as “Fake Weather”

Tweet from Donald Trump calling the Arizona heat wave

PHOENIX – President Trump responded to reports of excessive heat in the Southwest with a tweet, calling it “fake weather.” The tweet was later deleted, but not before drawing response from both sides of the issue.

“Denier and liar – pants will be on fire if you come to Phoenix – we’re burning up down here!” read one follower’s tweet.

“Weather has always been fake. They said it might rain last week and it didn’t,” read another tweet.

It didn’t take long for Trump to begin tweeting about the weather again. “It’s obvious weather reporters are in cahoots with fake news reporters. Just watch your local news – they both work in the same office!”

Trump appeared to be merging his views on major media, meteorologists, and climate change scientists, all of which he said are disseminating false information to the American public. “The global warming hoax is being spread by Arizona weather reporters,” Trump said. “You expect us to believe it’s 120 degrees?”

When people began posting images and video of their thermometers at 120 degrees, Trump accused the thermometers of “lying through their mercury.”

Last week the city of Phoenix had to open 47 cooling centers. Fifty flights were canceled at Sky Harbor Airport because it was too hot to fly. Trump challenged the restriction, saying he would fly Air Force One to Sky Harbor, and go jogging down the runway in a suit to prove it wasn’t really that hot.

Arizona’s governor Doug Ducey issued a heat warning to residents, telling them to be careful. Trump again tweeted. “Even Arizona’s Republican governor has been tricked by global warming. I hope he doesn’t start whining about fake forest fires again!”

The heatwave is expected to continue for at least another week, except for those people who don’t believe in it.