Trump Clogs White House Toilet, Blames Obama

Donald Trump sitting down

WASHINGTON – President Trump dumped more blame upon his predecessor this morning when he accused former President Obama of clogging one of the White House toilets. In a rant, Trump tweeted: “Terrible! Just found out Obama clogged a White House toilet right before he left. This is like Toilet Water Gate!”

Trump called on federal plumbers and defecation lawyers for an immediate investigation, saying that the plumbing system was “rigged.” The Federal Security Advisory issued a Code Brown.

Trump’s Twitter header was recently updated with a superimposed image of his tweet that read: “Official White House plumber said it wasn’t me!”

The reaction on Twitter has not been supportive. One person tweeted, “That’s like looking around after farting and blaming someone who left the room 6 months ago. Who smelt it dealt it!”

A spokesman for the National Plumbers Union said Trump needs to start owning up to his crap, no matter which end it’s coming out of.

Press Secretary Sean Spicer didn’t have much to add, except that he looks forward to when this big stink finally blows over.