Trump Administration’s Nuslim Travel Ban Passes Thanks Largely to Typo

Trump holding up a folder with signed legislation

WASHINGTON DC – White House staffers were overjoyed during a press conference earlier today in which Sean Spicer announced the successful passing of Trump’s revised travel ban bill. “This bill has everything we were hoping for,” Spicer announced to the press, “extreme vetting measures, and a halt to all incoming immigrants from a select list of Nuslim nations. I mean, uh, wait… no, that’s right, Nuslim nations.”

The document, signed into law today by President Trump, featured some glaring typos and grammar mistakes. The document targets activity from Nuslim immigrants, but no source could verify that the word ‘Nuslim’ is a word in any known language. Type the letters into Google, and the search engine asks: Did you mean Muslim? Experts are hazarding to guess that this is exactly what the president meant when the order was signed.

Corrections to the document were the last thing on Republican’s plates, however. They celebrated the unintentional upholding of the new law by Hawaiian judge Derrick Watson, who reviewed the document, clacked his gavel and announced America “Safe from all militant Nuslim terrorism, I guess. Is that even a thing?”

Trump and his team could not be reached for comment, as they were hard at work developing revised legislative measures for their upcoming revamp of the ‘Heathcure [sic] Bill.’