Tiny House Party Overflows Quickly Into Backyard


PORTLAND – A house party began overflowing with people only 30 minutes after starting last Friday. The reason was not the size of the crowds, it was the size of the house. Homeowners Mike and Penelope Maly recently moved into a 200 square foot house, known by its size as a “tiny house.” What began as a housewarming party soon warmed up a bit too much, as people packed into the living room.

“We thought we were getting used to the size of it,” said Mike, “but soon after a few people showed up, the place was bursting at the seams. Not to mention, those bodies generate a lot of heat in a small space.”

His wife, Penelope was more optimistic. “It was warm, but after I opened the windows it cooled off,” she said. “Of course, some people ended up going out the windows, because there was just no place to stand!”

They wondered what their home’s capacity was and how many people could turn it into a fire hazard. “I guess if there were a fire,” Mike said, “it wouldn’t be far to reach the exit. You’re never more than a few feet from the front or the back door in this house.”

The weather was mild that evening, so guests spilled out into the backyard. One of the guests said the tiny house made the party seem much bigger than it was, because the house was so packed. “Wow, there must be over fifty people here,” one of them said. As he looked around and counted, he rephrased his statement. “Oh, I guess there’s only like…ten people.”

Penelope had tried to make good use of the space by furnishing their house with tiny furniture, but some of the guests were just too big to fit in it. She made sure the snacks were small, and drinks were served in mini Solo cups.

Everybody had to take turns going in to see the house. People wanted to take group photos inside, but had trouble getting back far enough to fit everybody in the shot.

“We had to squeeze in for selfie shots,” one guest said. “My selfie stick reached clear across from one side of the house to the other!”