Stylist Vows to Keep Bad Ombrés Out of US

ombre hairstyle long black and blonde hair

LAREDO – Hairstylist Guy Picarino joins the growing number of Americans concerned with the influx of bad ombrés into the United States across the southern border. “It’s very troubling,” said Picarino. “There’s a bunch of bad ombrés down there. With their dark roots and history of damage and abuse, these heads of hair can’t be tamed.”

“They traffic in illegally obtained street weaves and assault our women’s tresses. By performing these bad home dye jobs, these illegal hairdressers are taking work away from our hard-working stylists. No one is policing our borders to keep the fashion criminals out.”

Conservative hairstyle groups are joining in support of Picarino’s cause with a united goal to “Make America’s hair great again.”