Study Shows Drinking a Glass of Water Right Before Bed Does not Cancel out Drinking a Bottle of Wine Earlier

Hung over woman with her head down on a pillow holding a glass of water

NAPA VALLEY – Consuming too much wine is commonly known to cause a hangover the next day. Histamines in wine are known to cause headaches and tannins can interfere with your serotonin level. Many Americans will try anything to prevent this hangover except reduce their wine intake. The most popular home remedy is to drink a glass of water right before bed.

A shocking new study by the Komen Sense Research Institution found that drinking a glass of water right before bed did not neutralize the effect of drinking an entire bottle of wine earlier that night. The study also revealed that those participants drinking water right before bed were twice as more likely to pee in their bed. In fact, 38% of those in the study who drank a glass of water immediately vomited to the side of their bed and 98% of those people waited until the morning to clean it up. Those who got sick were surprised and confused as to how the mess even got there. The Komen Sense Research Institution is now looking into Rose wine, and why people think it’s ok to bring it over to your house.