Study Confirms Less Than 1% of People Know What Goes in Recycle Bins Anymore

worker at a recycling center

MIDDLETOWN – While Americans are recycling more than ever before, most are confused about what’s recyclable these days.

“It used to be so simple,” said local resident Herman Green. “It was basically newspapers, bottles and beer cans. Now I just take a guess and hope for the best. A CD is like a metallic plastic, right? I know Green Day and Metallica are recyclable but the movie Grease is probably not.”

Sharon Waystefil was turned away at her local recycling center, when she brought Styrofoam containers from her restaurant. She said, “I knew these were bad for the environment, but that is why I took them to the recycling center. I mean, can’t they make them into packing peanuts or something?”

Sal Vedge, manager of the Middletown Recycling Center provided a few tips, “Try to reuse things that are not recyclable. For example, flat Mountain Dew makes great drain cleaner. Leftover pizza is not recyclable, but it’s great for breakfast the next day. Check out my Pinterest page for more trash hacks.”