Stephen Hawking Ends Best 54-Year Practical Joke in History

cover of ficitional Stephen Hawking book: Brief History of the Greatest Practical Joke of all Time

World famous theoretical physicist and prankster Stephen Hawking just pulled off one of the best practical jokes in history. After pretending to be immobilized by a rare motor neuron disease for 54 years of his life, Stephen Hawking gave his team of round-the-clock caregivers a hellacious fright when he finally broke character.

The day started off routinely for his onsite medical staff, but things quickly escalated. Just as Hawking was being wheeled off for his morning changing, a wide grin that could only come from working cheek muscles spread across his juvenile face. Bounding up from his wheelchair, the Cambridge alum, with brash, childlike abandon, waved his arms wildly in the air and screamed “OOGA BOOGA!” All those in attendance gasped or screamed with shock before realizing they had just been got. In the end, everybody laughed along with the trickster genius cosmologist.

Williams took a little while to come on board with the prank. “I was initially a little put off at the fact that I spent all those years feeding him, bathing him, and cleaning up his stool,” confessed Williams, looking up to the ceiling with furrowed brow. A slight smile did eventually grace her face, before she added, “But I do admit it was a pretty great gag, so I guess it all evens out.”

When asked why he would wait so long to land the joke, Hawkins explained, “Look, a gag never works unless it’s got the proper buildup. Sure, I could have made things easier by feeding myself for a few more years, or not writing whole science books with my cheek muscles. But it was way funnier this way, and I wanted to show that you really can do anything you put your mind to.” The professor will document the experiment in humor in a new book, “A Brief History Of The Funniest Practical Joke Of All Time.”