As Spring Awakens, so Does Memory of Friends Who Live on Other Side of City

aerial view of Chicago from the lakefront to the north west of downtown

CHICAGO – After a couple days of wandering around deliriously in their suddenly warm and hospitable city, Chicagoans let out a collective gasp of astonishment. With spring’s awakening, the memory of friends abandoned to far flung corners of the metropolis emerged from hibernation.

Becky Fletcher was outside enjoying a rum cocktail in Logan Square when she remembered her friend Jody.
“OMG! Jody loves rum! She should totally join me. I wonder if winter is over in Rogers Park, though. It’s pretty far north.”

While most were enthusiastic about resuming their geographically interrupted friendships, a few had misgivings wondering if the time and distance of winter would be too much to overcome.

“I don’t know man,” Fred Jones said. “I’m not the same guy I used to be. It was a long winter. I could go see my boys down in Grant Park, but it’s been so long. We’re practically strangers.”

Fred’s wife, Joan, was philosophical. “Life still goes on. I mean who knows what could’ve happened over winter. That couple we hit up wine tastings with could have kids now. Maybe they’re religious now. You never know. I guess we should have made more of an effort to visit, but you live with your choices.”

With that she took out her phone and fired up Tinder. “It’s a good thing they have these group options now – I guess it’s warm enough to expand my distance settings now.”