Scientists Find Trump More Damaging to Retina Than Staring at the Eclipse

Little kid watches Trump on TV.

WASHINGTON – Save those eclipse glasses, because scientists have discovered that viewing images of Donald Trump with the naked eye can cause serious retinal damage.   The problem was recently detected by NASA physicians.

NASA and the CDC have issued this warning: “Images of Donald Trump, even if he’s appearing on a television or a mobile device, are a confirmed health hazard. Viewers are urged to take proper measures to protect their eyes from the harmful orange glare. Prolonged exposure to Trump images can cause irreversible retina damage.”

NASA’s website has recommended Trump viewing tips. One is taking an old cereal box and making a pinhole viewer to project trump on your back wall.   Several companies are also working on special Trump viewing glasses certified to block out the unsafe orange rays.

Note from CDC: If you believe you have been exposed to excessive amounts of Trump, you may have Trumpinopathy and are urged to have your eyesight checked by an ophthalmologist.