Schools Concerned Fidget Spinners May Be Gateway to Ninja Stars

ninja throwing a fidget spinner

HOUSTON – The debates around fidget spinners are enough to make your head spin. The hot new toy is sometimes marketed as a stress reliever or device to help kids focus better in school. Recently, some schools have banned spinners, saying they are a distraction in the classroom. The latest conversation suggests these spinners may be taking a dark turn.

Parent Rhonda Rhodes said, “My daughter told me kids are sharpening them in pencil sharpeners to create homemade shiv-style ninja stars. At recess, they practice throwing them at a tetherball with a face drawn on it, shouting, ‘Take that, principal Edwards!’ The situation has really spiraled out of control.”

Fourth grade teacher Ms. May Ham described cliques forming around the spinners, “Here at Westmont Elementary, gang factions have developed around the Fidget Spinners. The Fidget Lizards, aka The Fizz, led by the notorious Fidgey Pop are the most feared on the playground.”