Sales of Solar Eclipse Glasses Plummet Today

Solar Eclipse Glasses Sales Chart

TOTALITY – Today many businesses are reporting a massive downturn in eclipse glasses sales. This unexpected, fast decline has hit some local businesses hard.

“We were having such a stellar run,” said Sky Faulin who runs Burnen Retna Inc, a larger seller of eyewear made specifically for viewing solar eclipses. Sky said sales had been gradually increasing, and started taking off just this past month. We projected at the current rate that we’ll need 20 million glasses before the end of the year and placed the order with the factory as soon as we saw the sales skyrocket.

Customer Service Manager, Len Crafter added, “after the first two hours this morning, there wasn’t a single order. We thought our phones were down. This past week we had more orders than we can fulfill and today we’re still waiting for our first order.”

The dramatic decrease in eclipse glasses sales is widespread, affecting similar business across the nation. Some eclipse eyewear companies are thinking things will pick up in the fourth quarter, but science analysts are predicting the slump to continue for years to come.