Sales of “Hang in There” Cat Posters Skyrocket After Trump Victory

Kitten holding onto and hanging from a rope. It's captioned Hang In There

CAT SPRING – After the unexpected victory of Donald trump, a shaken electorate is seeking solace in images of baby animals. In the past week social media has been flooded with images and memes of baby animals as Hillary supporters seek comfort in the cuddly. Soon following, sales of the iconic “Hang in There” poster skyrocketed with a 1,000% increase since November 8th.

Manufacturer of the poster, Cat-It-Tude Industries, is now ramping up production of playful kitten jigsaw puzzles and teddy bears with sad eyes. A special edition Catdown to 2020 Election calendar is preproduction, featuring a different adorable feline each month for the next 4 years.

Other industries have seen a boost as well. Popular on Netflix right now are Unlikely Animal Friends and Nature: Animal Odd Couples, helping an injured electorate lick their battle wounds and remind themselves that lovable animals trump hate. Maybe, just maybe, a divided nation can become unlikely human friends.