Robots Today Don’t Have the Right Programming to Compete in the Workforce in 5 Years

Robot working next to human on factory floor.

BOSTON – Robots working in industries across the globe may soon be struggling to find new jobs. Analysts say technology is moving too fast for technology itself to keep up, and robots are just not prepared.

“Robots need to be reprogrammed,” says Robocor developer Otto Muhtonn. “Their knowledge and skills are years out of date.”

Robots blame their situation on programmers not adequately preparing them for the working world. “They filled us with the ‘classics,’ but didn’t input the latest,” said robot FTL-606. “BASIC and Pascal are good foundations, but we need a major update now.”

Employers are concerned, but they say robots also need to have their attitudes reprogrammed. “We used to hire a robot, and they’d work diligently,” said Autotgen engineer Mack Annical. “Nowadays a robot will start a job like they’re entitled to it, expect compliments, and when they’re not happy they’ll begin job hopping.”

Programmers say that new robots may have their heads in the cloud, but the cloud is where the future is.