More & More Republicans Viewing Drago From Rocky IV Favorably

Drago from Rocky VI

WASHINGTON D. C. – In 1985, the Soviet Union was viewed by Reagan and the Republicans as an evil empire hell-bent on crushing the spirit of freedom-loving folks “living in America.” Back then the USSR’s chief exporter of communist-party-pain was Ivan Drago, the main antagonist in Rocky IV. Drago has been reviled for decades by the right-wing, but in light of recent Russian efforts in the 2016 election that appear to have helped Trump secure victory, it appears as if the GOP is warming to the sinister supervillain.

Back in 1986, only 5% of Republicans viewed the Russian boxer favorably. Now that number has risen to 40%, with 60% of Republicans admiring the Soviet’s muscles, 65% appreciating the paleness of his skin, and 98% saying Drago could “take” President Obama in a fight. The renewed enthusiasm for the Russian behemoth among Republicans has even spread to the incoming president.

“I think he’s terrific,” said Donald Trump. “Of course I saw the movie back in the 80’s, and of course I rooted for Rocky. But I’ve had a chance to get to know Russia a little better, and it’s given me a chance to take a second look at the character. When Drago said, ‘I cannot be defeated. I beat all man,’ it was like he was speaking for me in this past election. I tell you, the single-mindedness, the drive, the muscles. Every day during the campaign, I’d look at the picture of Hillary pinned to my dart board and do my Drago, ‘You will lose. I must break you.’ Trust me, very empowering.”