Receiving Small Bags of Bat-Shaped Pretzels for Halloween Continues to Disappoint

bat shaped pretzels

SLEEPY HOLLOW – Eight-year-old Billy Treeter looked over the last of his Halloween goodies unhappy to find one thing: bat-shaped pretzels.

“I don’t even like it when I get pretzels in my lunch box,” Billy said, “but when I get them for trick-or-treating, that’s more like a trick.” His sister Trixie agreed. “They taste the same and don’t even look like bats. They’re probably just rejects from the factory,” she said.

Neighbor Herman Suhlty said he bought the bat pretzels because he thought kids would think they’re cute and may want something different from all the tasty sweet treats.

Consumers spend a lot on Halloween, and companies outside the candy industry are trying to scare up their share. Other spooky attempts at treats include pumpkin-shaped Melba toast, V-8 Vampire blood vegetable juice, and the dreaded “Hummus of Horrors with red blood pepper.”