Reality Show “Election 2016” Shocks Viewers With Surprise Ending

Donald Trump on the campaign trail at the lectern with Trump and Pence sign on it

HOLLYWOOD – Fans of “Election 2016” couldn’t believe the big results: Donald J. Trump won the presidency. Yet it was so realistic many people still think it was an actual election.

The politically charged reality show offered viewers a chance to vote, but instead of online voting, actual voting booths were set up across the country.

“I thought I was actually voting in a presidential election,” said registered voter and fan of the show, Don Furling. “The whole experience was authentic, but when Trump won I knew it just didn’t seem real.”
The show’s producer, Jon White, was happy with the fan turnout, and with the Trump victory.

“We couldn’t have scripted a better show than this,” he said. “People are even protesting the outcome by marching in the streets, and I’ve never seen that happen from a television show.”

But some people think the reality show is scripted, and that voting was rigged in favor of Trump because he would draw higher ratings.

“If Hillary Clinton had won,” said one viewer, “I honestly don’t think I would have kept watching the show. She would have been politics as usual, but Donald is going to shake things up. I’ll definitely be tuning in to watch this whack job, and see how much he’ll divide and screw up the country.”

The ratings for “Election 2016” have surpassed other top reality shows, including “The Voice,” “American Idol,” and “The Bachelor.” As Trump takes over the White House, the show’s name will be changed to “President Trump,” and ratings are expected to soar.