Real Life Rock-Paper-Scissors Game Leads to Injuries

Illustrated representation of the game rock paper scissors

FAYETTEVILLE – It was an innocent children’s game gone wrong, and it took a bruised and bloody turn for three teenage boys.

It all happened last Tuesday in the field behind James Monroe High School, around 3:30pm, where Physical Education teacher Manny Puschups heard screaming.

“I asked what was going on,” Puschups said, “and someone said it was Rock-Paper-Scissors. I told them they were wussies for crying over such a nice little game. Then I saw the injuries.”

Those injuries included cuts and bruises to the hands.

LaRue Harrison, who had the rock, said they were friends, and often engaged in games of Rock-Paper-Scissors the old fashioned way, with hands only. But they wanted to step up their game into more of an extreme sport. “We’d been watching extreme sports and reality TV,” Harrison said, “and we thought it would be exciting if we made the old-fashioned game into an extreme, reality-based battle.”

They prepared for that battle by trading in their hand signals for paper and scissors they found in a classroom, and a rock they found on the ground.

“It got pretty intense,” said fellow student, Tom Kim. “A bunch of us were placing bets. I took video.”

School officials asked Kim not to post the video due to concerns of inspiring other such games.