Prehistoric Man-Cave Discovered in Cave

Prehistoric man cave Interior of cave with stone couch and cave drawing of prehistoric football game a dart board is on the wall.

WARDBORO – Two spelunkers in Bear Lake County, Idaho made a discovery last week: a perfectly preserved man cave, complete with ancient stone couch, beer mug, dart board and cave painting TV.

“We’d been exploring caves for years,” said Cal Sitite, “and we recognized right away what this was. It was perfect; just like our own man caves, only even more primitive.”

Sitite reported his finding to the parks commissioner, and pretty soon speleologists from around the world were coming to study the cave. They were mostly male speleologists. One female speleologist did show up, however.
Karren Selenite, who teaches Geoscience at the University of Akron, wasn’t surprised by what she found. After seeing the man cave by herself, she set up a hidden video camera to observe the men scientists inside the cave.

“It was just as I suspected,” Selenite said. “The men arrived, took a seat on the couch and started trying to find the remote.”

By the time one of the men arrived with a case of beer, they appeared to be right at home. Later they ordered a pizza, and the prehistoric man cave was in full swing.
“This tells us something about prehistoric male behavior,” Selenite said. “The man cave hasn’t changed much in thousands of years, and neither have the men who inhabit such caves.” She was sure their prehistoric wives would agree.