Potheads not as Stoked About 4/20 Since Legalization

closeup of man smoking a joint

DENVER – The date of 4/20 is recognized as a day to celebrate 420, but this year in Colorado it blew over like a one hit wonder. Potheads feel their legalization victory has turned the day into nothing more than a drag.

“It used to be like turning 21,” said local pothead Anita Nutherhitt. “Now it’s just another average, wasted day. I mean, totally wasted.”

Anita’s boyfriend, Biggie Toker, agreed. “I hate to be blunt, but dude, how can it be special anymore if I’m stoned every damn day?”

Local hippie Blue Sage recounted the long struggle for legalization, stemming from the counterculture of the 1960’s. “Yeah, we had a long struggle, man. That’s all I remember.”

Some potheads long for the days when pot was underground and was part of their sense of rebellion, instead of the money-driven cannabis industry. Back then, 420 was their secret code that brought all their buds together.

Today potheads still want a day to celebrate, and many are proposing an official holiday for April 20th. State lawmakers say that needs to be a joint decision, and legislation has been hazy at best. Nevertheless, potheads look forward to rekindling their 420 magic, with high hopes about a new holiday, saying they’ll get around to it eventually.