Poll Finds Costco Samples are Cheapest Place to eat Lunch


COLORADO SPRINGS – Eating out on a budget can be rather challenging which is why we set out to find the best value across America.  After polling people in both small towns and large cities, Costco samples are still the best value for the 3rd year in a row, with Dunkin Donuts dumpsters coming in a close second.   Randy McCheap says “where else can you find, brochette, fruity vitamin gummies, and sliced protein bars all in the same meal?”  Stin Gee says, “Japanese restaurants charge so much just to have the food cooked right in front you, but at Costco there’s no extra charge for the experience.”

Many complain the portions are too small, but local foodie Tase Buds recommends circling back after 5 minutes for seconds as it can be quite difficult for staff to keep track of previously served customers.  According to Costco, there is a cost to eat those yummy samples as you will need to buy a membership. For only $55 per year, it will bring your cost of lunch to less than 20 cents a day.  In a worldwide poll, Unicef beats Costco by its ability to feed a child for 25 cents for the entire day.   With the low cost, massive variety and tapas style dining, it’s no wonder Costco samples come in first.