Nigerian Prince Arrested at Payday Loan Sting

nigerian price taken into custody

JERSEY CITY – The Nigerian Prince, famous for his emails seeking assistance and offers of large sums of money, was finally caught yesterday trying to get a payday loan.

New Roman Times received a copy of the Prince’s email, sent out to millions of Americans:

“Dear Beloved Friend. This message may come as surprise, but I seeking your assistance for business relationship. My name is Prince Imagunna Skamalotta, a royal leader of the Nigerian Republic. I am trying to acquire $10,000,000 American dollars for my trip to the United States, but I do not have bank account in your country. I have ability to get payday loan, but I need American citizen as cosigner. If you help sign paperwork, I will pay you 20%, which is $2,000,000 in cash to you, in exchange for your accommodating service. First you must forward small loan fees of $5000 to me, which don’t worry, is fully refundable. Please contact me to discuss money transfer.”

The Nigerian prince fled his palace in Nigeria last year, after international agents obtained warrants for his arrest. He arrived in New Jersey, where he began his new scam.

A woman from PI$ Payday Loans called police to report a man in royal African garb asking if anybody had shown up to cosign for him. The prince was apprehended by police, and is currently being held at the Nigerian Consulate offices at 10 million dollars bond. For anyone wishing to pay the bond, the Nigerian Consulate requests that bank account routing information be sent to their financial officer, Mr. Yuizz Bintrickta.