New Study Reveals Formula fed Babies do Better in Math

IN home nursery with a crib and chair

A new six year study from MIT, concluded that formula fed babies do significantly better in math and slightly better in science. Health organizations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the World Health Organization (WHO) recommend breastfeeding to help defend against infections, prevent allergies and other chronic conditions. But school performance is still at the top of parents’ concerns these days.

Participants in the study were ask to put formulas on the wall right at birth and the control group all had creepy singing animal mobiles. By as early as age three, kids who were fed formulas started asking questions like what does all this stuff mean and why is it on my wall and do I get a say next time? In fact, most kids as they got older would beg their parents every night for just one more formula until the parents couldn’t take it any longer.

Experts believe that talking to your kids about formulas at such a young age is truly the best way to keep them scoring higher in math and science. Many parents today are uncertain how to bring up the subject of math to their kids or simply avoid it all together despite doing it when they were younger. A new study at MIT is now looking into why those kids with dancing animal mobiles were found to be more addicted to watching Disney movies.