New Realistic Sex Robots, Just Lies There

Woman Lying Back on a expressionless

SILICON VALLEY – The race is on by many tech companies to finally bring sex robots to market. Many prototypes are currently being tested to make sure the user experience is just right. Nim Fough from Horne Dawg Industries (H.D.I.) says, “Although we’ve programmed every position and all the popular fantasies, we kept scoring low on human believability tests.” H.D.I. has since increased their R & D and one programmer, Moe Notnus, thinks that he may have fixed the problem.

Moe Notnus has been married for 14 years with 4 children, and wrote some simple code one evening in which the robots takes off half the clothes, and just lays there. Early testing has shown huge improvements on the believability tests. H.D.I. hopes to release their first models later this year, but there are still some bugs to work out with the male version that keeps short circuiting after about 90 seconds.