BREAKING: New Leak Suggests Melania Might Have Married For the Money


WASHINGTON – A shocking new leak emerged today implying that the union between the President and First Lady might not be based around the love and tenderness we all thought. These allegations have thrown in to question the very foundation of a marriage we have all adored as a nation.

The report details how Melania, 28 at the time, was nearly out of money and was set to return to Eastern Europe before being reportedly “swept off her feet” by the now President-In-Chief. They were wed shortly after and the rest, as they say, is history. On the day of their wedding, her vow to love him “through sickness and through wealth” was chalked up as a translation error.

Some have pointed out that, since Melania may have been working here illegally at the time, her marriage could be more of an anchor marriage. Still, most Trump supporters’ faith in the couple seems unshaken. “Who cares why they got married?” said one Susie May Clemmons. “You can tell they’re still madly in love. The way he playfully ignores her, the way she tenderly holds his luggage. It’s the little things that make a marriage.”

The leak comes at a time when the Trump marriage is already feeling the strain from the responsibilities of the Oval Office. While it must be painful for President Trump to endure such accusations, it would be just as hard on Melania if there was speculation that Donald only married her for her looks.