New Facebook Update Notifies you When Stoplight Turns Green

Smartphone screen accessing Facebook

Facebook is still not satisfied with the amount of time being wasted on the site today.  Facebook engineer and project leader Ima Nerdopolous said, “Each minute people are doing something off Facebook such as driving is unrealized potential.”

Right now drivers are forced to look up constantly to see if the light has turned green, and it’s impacting the Facebook experience.   The US Department of Transportation and Facebook have spent the last year beta testing Facebook Go, which would alert users when the stoplight turns green.

Truck driver, Bob Bigbely says, “Up until now, it’s been difficult to do my job and use Facebook at the same time.”

Daily Commuter, Phil  O’Rage says, “With my music blasting, I often can’t hear the honks of other drivers, and this is much easier.”

Rumor has it Facebook is currently working on REM notifications.