New Bill Cosby Pilot: Women Say the Darndest Things

Older Bill Cosby in a suit and sunglasses.

Look out, America! Bill Cosby is back on TV and starring in his wacky new reality show, Women Say The Darndest Things.

Filmed in front of a live studio jury, Women Say The Darndest Things will interview women about a variety of Bill Cosby-related topics and other personal anecdotes about the legendary comedian’s hijinks. And in staying true to his brand of entertainment, Women Say The Darndest Things will be a show that the whole family can enjoy—provided everybody in your family is 18 and over.

“So far, over 60 women have agreed to come forward and answer questions about Mr. Cosby, and it will be very important that we all get their full testimonies,” said the show’s host, Judge Steven T. O’Neil of the Pittsburgh 38th circuit court, who hinted that the show’s ratings may perform even better than his previous hits, like The Cosby Show and Fat Albert. “I imagine this will receive international attention.”

According to Cosby’s sidekick—defense attorney Brian McMonagle—Bill will remain silent throughout the entirety of the show. However, viewers can expect that each woman’s answer will be met with a baffled look by Cosby in the direction of the jury, undoubtedly for comedic effect.

“If anyone knows how to extend a show, it’s Mr. Cosby, and we hope to run this for as long as humanly possible,” McMonagle said, adding that spectators can expect even more guests to join the show, with possibly a few celebrity guest appearances. “Sure, we’ll laugh, we’ll cry, but we’re confident that in the end people will come to learn more about Mr. Cosby and the wholesome values that he truly represents. And by extension, I think we might come to better understand the values our society represents as a whole.”

At press time, Judge O’Neil confirmed that Women Say The Darndest Things will be available on Court TV, Fox News, CNN, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, PBS,, People, Comedy Central, HBO, Vanity Fair, Mad Magazine, E!, and any radio station in the world.