New 3D Money Printer Pays For Itself After 30 Days

Stacks of freshly printed and wrapped one hundred dollar bills.

PHILADELPHIA – 3D printers are expensive for the average consumer, but one clever printer has changed that, and not by being any cheaper. The Mintron 3000 is just as pricey as the rest, but there’s a difference – it prints money. Once you get your own personal mint running, you’ll have enough money to pay for the machine in about a month.

The software included allows for the convenient printing of all current U.S. currency. The bills it prints look so authentic even bank tellers can’t tell the difference, so there’s no need to worry about laundering your money. For that fresh-from-the mint look, bills can be printed in stacks. The equally realistic coins are convenient to have for tollbooths, vending machines or public fountains.

Additional software is available to print the Euro, Pound or Yen. This makes the Mintron 3000 ideal for travelers, who can carry all their money around in a suitcase. Collectors will like this printer too, because it has the ability to print rare currency, such as silver certificates and Civil War era notes.

The Mintron 3000 is a bit pricey, but if you can shell out enough cash for this printer, it will shell out more than enough cash for you.