Netflix Releases new Series you can Watch in one Night, Calls it a Movie

big screen full of Netflix selections. There is a chair and table with a bowl of popcorn on it.

LOS GATOS – Netflix has already changed the way people binge watch television shows, and now they’re about to do it again with Netflix Movie. At the 9th annual Streaming Media Conference, Sadie Obvyos, Netflix Vice President of Trend Recycling, announced plans to release a new concept series to viewers this season.

Miss Obvyos hinted at the idea that viewers will have the opportunity to now watch back-to-back episodes all in one night. She said, “Our movie concept will have segments that flow together seamlessly. Like a pilot and series finale all in one, without all the boring stuff in between.”

Netflix believes the Netflix Movie, will appeal to the younger crowds and allow for even more opportunity to watch Netflix and Chill.

Sadie adds, “We think Netflix Movies will be popular enough to inspire sequels, and early testing among viewers shows that the sequels don’t even have to be any good. If fact, they can get worse with each new release, and the best part is that loyal fans will continue to watch.”