Natural History Museum’s Cafe Goes Paleo

Museum Cafe with

ATLANTA – The Fernbank Museum of Natural History is often on the cutting edge, and now they’re cutting modern foods from their cafe. The renamed Hunt & Gather Café features a full menu of Paleolithic Period delicacies, perfect for anyone on the popular Paleo Diet.

“Paleo was the inspiration, and we’ve done it gourmet,” said head chef Will Klubhem. “I call it Gourmet Paleo, or Gourmeleo, if you will.”

The house specialties include freshly rock-ground paleo coffee and paleo caviar served directly out of the belly of a dead pregnant fish.

“Our café gives visitors a complete Paleolithic dining experience, done with trendy, contemporary flair,” said the museum’s vice president, Kaye Vedweller.

The Forager Salad Bar features an array of leafy greens complete with branches and sea kale. This can be topped with crunchy carbon croutons and live crawly grubs one can grab fresh from a tray of dirt.

Guests are also treated to an authentic Paleolithic show, as assistant chefs hunt and kill a wild boar with a spear, drag it to the table, then slit its throat. Everyone can drink a toast to the gods with a real “Bloody” Mary.

The café décor is Paleo chic, with ancient forest murals and cave paintings authentically done in coal and animal urine.

Followers of the Paleo diet will be happy to see none of the sweets and fats found on contemporary menus. “This is much healthier than today’s diet,” said Paleo devotee Karen Evore.

Hunt & Gather Café is open to all ages, even though people in the Paleolithic period rarely lived past 40.