NASA Releases Stunning Close-up of Solar Eclipse

NASA Solar Eclipse Close Up

WASHINGTON – The first close-up picture of the great total solar eclipse has just been released, and scientists are calling it breathtaking. The digital image was captured by NASA astronauts on board the International Space Station. Astronaut Gonna Stare is credited with getting the spectacular shot.

“We all just sat and let the view soak in,” Stare said. “I’ve never seen darkness at this hour of the day.”

Stare used a new narrowband, ultraviolet camera, which NASA just bought on sale for only five hundred thousand dollars. He said the price was worth it once you see the picture of the eclipse in all its glory. NASA posted the eclipse picture on their website, and in less than an hour it was viewed nearly a million times.

Viewers around the world have been posting their reactions. Sales of black t-shirts are selling out everywhere. The New York Times is set to release a special commemorative edition of their paper, of which the eclipse photo will cover the entire full front page. The low supply of black ink will certainly make this a limited edition.