Mother-In-Law Interrupts Woman for the Last Damn Time

mother in law

POSSUM TROT, KY – Violence erupted Sunday night in what one police officer at the scene called, “a total disregard for human dignity.” A domestic disturbance was reported after a neighbor witnessed Gina Brody strike her mother-in-law Karen Brody,72, over the head with a meat hammer.

Gina Brody had no prior history of violence. But, she had motive.

As Gina told her story, you could see the rage build up in her again as though she was reliving the night. “Karen asked me how ‘that job’ of mine was going, and she wouldn’t even let me get a word in before telling me about some woman in her book club who quit her job to raise her children.” Gina went on, “I know, it sounds crazy that something so small would send me over the edge, but I guess I just reached my breaking point.”

Years of anger and resentment have built to this point. Countless snide remarks, cooking criticisms and underhanded insults regarding Gina’s clothing and decorating have all led to this day. “It’s my choice if I want to have purple walls!,” huffed Gina.

Gina recounted an event from the week prior. “Karen asked me to put on a pot of coffee. I was shocked, because she never let operate a piece of machinery in her kitchen, ever. I was careful to brew it just the way she likes it, two sugars, a splash of cream, served in her favorite porcelain teacup.” Gina groaned, and continued, “Then, the old broad had the nerve to say, ‘not too shabby for a woman who doesn’t know how to boil water,’ can you believe her!”

That was it for Gina. “I vowed I wouldn’t let her get away with it. The next time she opened her mouth with some demeaning passive-aggressive insult, I was going to shut her down. Just what that meant exactly, I hadn’t decided yet,” Gina said with wide, almost crazy eyes.

Karen is now resting comfortably in the hospital, expected to make a full recovery. The meat hammer hangs on the wall in Gina’s office next a cheap plaque that reads ‘World’s Best Daughter-in-Law,’ found on eBay for $6.99. Karen has not yet pressed charges.