Mosque Raises Money With Smokin’ Hot Burkini Car Wash


CHICAGO – This past weekend, Amira Massoud, Dimah Noor, and Fatima Yousif, members of a Muslim sisters group set out on a mission to raise funds to repair the local Islamic Center.  “The aging building needs some TLC,” said Ibrahim Kabir, their Imam.

While the day was anticipated to be warm and sunny, temperatures took a spike in the early afternoon. Temperatures crested at 97 degrees, and the ladies didn’t anticipate is just how hot it would be doing manual labor in the hot sun while wearing a head-to-to burkini. “It was downright steamy,” said Amira. “I joked and told Fatima she looked smokin’ hot in her burkini.”

The ladies were aware of the tradition of the bikini carwash, which attracts customers with scantily clad and sudsy young women. “That’s definitely not what we were going for with our event,” said Amira. “We’re just having good, clean fun. We were a bunch of hot mamas, but not in that way.”

Some of the neighbors were confused at first but ended up embracing the event. “One girl about 9-years-old asked me if I was a nun like in ‘Sister Act’ with Whoopi Goldberg,” said Fatima. “I told her not exactly but the same concept. I’m working in the community to make it a better place. The little girl told me I was like the cool nun who was shakin’ things up.”

One man tried to get the ladies to hose each other down. He rolled down his windows and blasted Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar on Me” to see if the women would take the bait. Amira said that she was tempted to spray the hose into the car, but she kept her cool.