Mom Unsure if Friendly Mom at Playground Wants to Sell Her Something

Two moms talking on a park bench with kids in the background.

Skokie, IL – Citing suspicious behavior and a history of being tricked into false friendships, local mom Kathy Sconce reported a sense of unease about the friendly overtures she received at her local playground.

The incident reportedly happened at 2:00pm on Tuesday, when a woman wearing full makeup asked to join Kathy on a bench.  The woman introduced herself as Melanie.  When Kathy asked which kids were hers, Melanie just waved her hand in the general direction of the playground.

“I don’t want to seem paranoid,” Kathy said, “but I got the strange suspicion none of the kids on the playground were hers.  Then I began to think, we all worry about predators approaching our children in the park, but what if moms are the new prey?”

Melanie spoke very freely for a new acquaintance, sharing that she worked from home.  “Then she straight-up asked me about my source of income and if I was satisfied with my current work. Those were two big red flags for me.  In that moment, I couldn’t help but wonder which pyramid scheme she was pushing.  Avon? Arbonne? Mary Kay?”

Kathy’s suspicions were peaked when Melanie invited her over to a “girls’ night” she was hosting on Sunday.  “She specifically told me not bring my kids.  Then she winked at me.  I mean, what adult winks at another adult?

“I know her end game,” said Kathy. “She wants to get me and my friends drunk on Trader Joe’s wine and convince us that reasonably-priced drugstore cosmetics kill innocent rabbits. If she gets her way, she’ll recruit one of us to join her multi-level marketing cult.”

Kathy has formed a grassroots group called Mothers Against Drunk Shopping (MADS) to put a stop to the senseless mom-on-mom crime.