Millie Bobby Brown Is New Spokesperson for Kleenex


HAWKINS, INDIANA – Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown is slowly becoming a household name. Known for her role as Eleven on the popular Netflix series, she can often be seen sporting a bloody nose, a side effect of using her telekinetic powers. This look caught the eye of America’s favorite tissue company Kleenex, who announced today that Brown would become their newest spokesperson.

“The moment I saw that cute nose dripping I knew we had something,” said Kleenex representative Boogie Johnson. “I picked up the phone, called Netflix and told them to sinus up.”

While previously Brown has taken to wiping her nose on the back of her hand or her sweater cuff, season 3 will see a dramatic uptick in the number of readily available tissues. Rumors have it that the majority of scenes will call for her to have both nostrils stuffed full of Kleenex’s finest at all times.

Netflix of course will be taking a cut as well to include the product within the series, however Brown’s reported 10 million dollar contract is nothing to sneeze at.

It should be noted that Kleenex isn’t the first company to reach out to the childhood star for a deal. Kellogg’s frozen waffle brand Eggo landed a similar deal last year which led to a complete re-write of season 2 around the popular breakfast food.