Millennials Barter Tech Support for Housing with Their own Parents

Younger man teaching older woman how to use a smartphone

SUITLAND – It’s no secret that millennials are having a tough time finding housing in the current market. The best-educated, worst-paid generation of Americans often resort to living with their parents while they try to make ends meet out in the professional world. But parents around the country are growing tired of offering free housing to their grown children and not receiving anything in return. That’s why more and more millennials are being forced to barter tech support with their parents for room and board.

Aggravated Mom Debbie Downer summarized the trade off, “Look, when you have a baby, it’s a hell of an 18-year commitment, but at the end of that time they are supposed to go away to college and leave the nest forever. Nobody ever told me they’d come BACK four years later to loaf around while they find themselves a job. Uh-uh. Not in my house. If Billy and Cindy want to stay under my roof, they gotta give a little back. I want no viruses of any kind on my computer, no matter how much online poker I play. They also got to be in charge of uploading all the pictures, downloading all the illegal music and movies, and double checking the facts on all the political pictures and quotes I post on Facebook so I don’t look stupid to my friends.”

Debbie’s son, Billy Downer, thinks the trade is fair, although slightly degrading. “I mean, tech support is easy. Most of the time my mom just clicks the wrong folder by mistake, or doesn’t know how to search for the answer on support forums. I can do that, and for a place to stay that’s fine. But man…she takes advantage of that stuff sometimes! If I’m out with friends, I’ve got to always be on call in case mom can’t find directions to a restaurant or something. It’s like, ‘Mom, you have the same access to Google as I do, why can’t you just look it up?’”