Michelle Accused of Plagiarizing Melania’s Speech with 155 Uses of The Word “The”

Two pictures. One of Melania Trump, the other of Michelle Obama

PHILADELPHIA – This week the Trump campaign accused Michelle Obama of plagiarism following her recent speech at the Democratic National Convention. Paul Manafort, chairman and chief strategist for the Trump campaign, pointed to Michelle’s frequent use of the word “the”, which was also heavily used during Melania’s speech at the Republican National Convention.

“The similarities cannot be denied,” said Mr. Manafort. “A hundred and fifty five times…Let me repeat that, A HUNDRED AND FIFTY FIVE TIMES did Michelle Obama use the word “the” in her speech on Monday night. And folks want to accuse Melania of plagiarizing Michelle? At least Melania didn’t use the same word Michelle used A HUNDRED AND FIFTY FIVE TIMES. That makes Michelle Obama a hundred and fifty five times the liar and cheat that Melania is. After all, Melania only used a phrase, or two, or maybe a paragraph from Michelle Obama’s speech that could have been said by anybody. Anybody can say a string of words. Coincidences happen. But One Hundred And Fifty Five words?”

When reporters asked Mr. Manafort how a speaker could possibly be expected to avoid using the word “the”, he was dismissive. “Please, Ernest Vincent Wright wrote an entire novel without using the letter ‘e’, so don’t give me that ‘Michelle is a baby-in-the-woods’ routine. She can figure out how to write a speech without ripping off Melania.” Then, when reporters pointed out to Mr. Manafort that more striking similarities were found in Melania’s RNC speech compared to Michelle Obama’s earlier DNC speech than in Michelle’s latest DNC speech compared to Melania’s, he became defensive. “No YOU’RE the one who plagiarized.” One reporter explained that the journalists aren’t the ones giving speeches, which prompted Manafort to retort, “No YOU! You’re the ones who…who…Na-na-na-na boo-boo! Stick your head in doo-doo!” As he exited the podium, Manafort could be heard shouting, “ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY FIVE TIMES!”