Mentally Unstable Man Vows to Cut Funding for Mental Health Services

Donald Trump screaming with his hands raised on either side of his head

NEW YORK – An inexperienced politician has entered the political arena promising to cut funding for mental health services across the nation. The irony is that this political hack needs mental health treatment himself, but he’s too narcissistic to realize it.

Psychologist Hendrick Davis said that the politician exhibits at least five, if not more, of the DSM-5 symptoms of narcissism: grandiosity, fantasies of intelligence, sense of entitlement, superiority to others and arrogant demeanor.

“It doesn’t take a PhD to recognize those,” Hendrick said. “A narcissist in a position of power can be dangerous, like dictators such as Napoleon or Saddam Hussein. American government is about public service, and that’s a concept a narcissist is incapable of understanding.”

It all goes back to childhood. As a young boy, the politician was raised in an environment of extreme competition. He once scratched another child’s cornea after hurling a Monopoly piece at the boy in a fit of rage over losing the game. The National Institute of Mental Health has declared this politician an extreme case who poses a danger to others.