Men Spotted Working at Road Construction Site

Line of orange traffic cones on a highway

BUFFALO GROVE – We’ve all been there. We see a road up ahead that’s under construction, but there are just cones for miles. It doesn’t matter whether you’re driving at 7 in the morning, 2 in the afternoon or late at night. That all changed yesterday when our hotline received an anonymous tip that three possibly four men were spotted working on Dundee road in Lake County.

The caller said, “Out of nowhere I saw a sign that said to slow down but the post was missing, and the sign was being held up by a person. I even saw a figure in one of those machines and two other people standing around, but it all happened so fast.”

We immediately sent our team to the location to confirm the story, but we must have been too late, as all we found were 3 miles of cones and street signs warning of high fines. Transportation expert, Anita Morcones said, “Although 1/3 of our taxes go to cone placement and removal, there is a small slush fund set aside for construction workers which could easily explain this event.”