Most Meaningful Conversation of Man’s Week Occurred With Lyft Driver

Looking from the backseat to a driver in the front seat.

CHICAGO – Matt Spade, 23, reported after stepping out of his Lyft ride at 2:23am on Thursday that it was a surprisingly transformative experience.  “I just expected to grab a quick ride home, but talking to my driver Dominique was the best conversation I’ve had all week.”

It all began when Matt recognized the Kenny Chesney song playing on Dominique’s car stereo.

After sharing their affection for the joke-laden Chesney tune “Shiftwork,” the two naturally started discussing their own jobs.

Dominique talked about driving for Lyft because her work as a teacher wasn’t making her enough money, and it really made me think about the gig economy.  I never actually felt responsible for America’s shift away from salaried, benefits-linked work, but here I am.  Dude, I’m in a Lyft right now.  Like, I’m the demand in this equation.  And, oh man, I just thought about this, but I work for an education startup too.  I just kept thinking about how little we pay teachers like Dominique at my job for their freelance work.  Basically, my day-to-day work as an Operations Specialist at that startup is pretty much directly responsible for her having to work an extra job.  Yikes.

At the time of writing, Matt reported that the conversation with Dominique had really changed the way he was going to move forward with his life.  “I never really talk to people about that stuff.  Who we are, and how we live in the world.  Dominique truly inspired me.”

“However, she dropped me off on the wrong side of the street, so I did have to give her 2 stars,” Matt concluded.