McDonald’s new Big Trump Sandwich Filled With Baloney

big bologna sandwich
Bologna on White Bread

OAKBROOK – Corporate chefs for the McDonald’s global corporate headquarters have been hard at work developing fresh menu items. While no official reason has been given for the chain’s endorsement, social media has been abuzz with the announcement of a new sandwich now available in limited release.

McDonald’s restaurants are rushing to roll out a new menu item: The Big Trump sandwich. It features a gold-hued sesame seed bun (the color is achieved with huge amounts of food dye), loads of bologna smothered in ketchup, topped with bright orange cheese product, and extra-small pickles.

Early reviews of the new sandwich have described the taste as “very salty and bitter, with a slimy texture.” One reviewer noted that the combination of ingredients bloated him with searing, hot gas. McDonalds spokesman, Herb Alfredo, however, was optimistic, “Sure we’re protecting our brand, but our plan is to make Bologna great again.”